Show Rules and Information for
Reno Western and Collectible Show


  1. No application for space rental is acceptable unless this contract is printed, signed, and dated, or if the Exhibitor agrees fully by checking the "Agree to Show Rules" checkbox on the application form.
  2. No loaded firearms, magazines or clips will be permitted.
  3. All cartridge firearms, except those attached to a display and a part thereof, will be tied with a plastic tie to be rendered inoperable.
  4. No gunpowder for sale or display.  No books, posters, clothing, sound or film media which describe the fabrication of any device which, if possessed, would constitute a felony under the laws of the United States, the state or the municipality where the show is being held.
  5. Each exhibitor is obligated to honestly & properly present merchandise at this show.  Reproductions, altered items or modified originals must be so identified.  At the Show Producer's sole discretion, and without liability to the exhibitor or anyone, failure to comply is ground to close the exhibitor's display.
  6. The owner of each firearm is personally responsible for his or her actions or the action of any member of the public or any other exhibitor or person with respect to the firearms in the possession of the exhibitor.  It is the exhibitor's responsibility to protect the Show and its participants from unsafe or illegal acts of anyone handling the firearms of the exhibitor.  Accordingly, the exhibitor agrees that Show Management, its agents, employees, sponsors, representatives, security personnel are not responsible for any loss or damage from any cause suffered by any person or to property in his possession.  Further, the exhibition expressly releases Show Management and the aforementioned from any and all claims for such loss, damage or injury.
  7. Exhibitor Badge rules: 2 complimentary badges per exhibitor.  Additional badges: $20.  It is a violation of Show Rules to give a badge to anyone who is not an known exhibitor at this show.
  8. Cancellation Policy: No refunds after 60 days prior to set up day. Any refunds or transfers will be at management's discretion and only after the entire space is resold.
  9. UNFORESEEN EVENTS: Reno Western and Collectible Show cannot guarantee Exhibitors protection from loss or insure against loss for any reason.  If the show premises to be used are affected by circumstances beyond our control so the premises cannot be used for the show as contemplated by the parties, this Agreement shall terminate.  Exhibitor hereby waives any claim for incidental or consequential damages or compensation resulting from this inability to use the premises and agrees that Lou Fascio Inc., (DBA Reno Western and Collectible Show) may retain the portion of payments made by Exhibitor necessary to cover expenses incurred by Reno Western and Collectible Show incidental to the opening and management of the show through the time of termination. Reno Western and Collectible Show provides FFL dealers to conduct transfers and background checks. Reno Western and Collectible Show has no involvement legal or otherwise regarding such transactions nor has the legal right to conduct such transactions.